IRON SHIELD Records is a Label for loyal oldschool metal fans. Mostly for real Heavy/ Speed & Thrash Metal, no modern or trendy stuff! You can order direct here or also by our label- partner Pure Steel Records YOU HAVE STUFF FOR TRADING? 
Send us your list! Bands, please don’t send your stuff! 
Sorry, but planning is full next times! LAST NEWS Actual out is RAMPART's (Bul) new digipak CD "Codex Metalum"! Great traditional Heavy Metal with female voice. It's the fourth full release by this band. 
Many thanks for the great response to CRIMSON DAY's (Fin) "Order Of The Shadows" CD and for BLACKSLASH's (Ger) "Sinister Lightning" CD! A must have for real Heavy Metal fans! Both CD's in japanese Top 40 Import charts! After months of waitin': FATAL EMBRACE Slaughter To Survive" and BLACKSLASH (Ger) "Sinister Lightning" is out as VINYL!. More new Releases out now (all CD): Goatsodomizer (Swe) "The Curse Rings True" ISR040 (f**in' Thrash 'n Roll) Thunder Lord (Chile) "Prophecies Of Doom" ISR 041(True Heavy Metal) Axevyper (Italy) "Into the Serpent's Den" ISR 042 (Heavy Metal)
UPCOMING RELEASES: CD J.T. Ripper (Ger) "Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors" 
(Black Thrash Metal) CD & LP Violent Revolution (US) " " ISR 045 (brilliant Thrash Metal) CD Metal Witch (Ger) " " ISR 046 (Teutonic Heavy Metal) CD Tyron (Ger) " " ISR 047 (Heavy / Thrash) 
CD & LP Tormentor (Ger) "..."